About ALDO

ALDO is an international brand specializing in the creation of on-trend, fashion footwear and accessories for stylish men and women. Since its inception in Montreal, Canada in 1972, ALDO has quickly become one of the leading fashion footwear and accessory brands in the world.

ALDO debuted in the U.S. retail market in 1993 and hit the high streets of London in 2002. Since then the brand has gone on to make its name known around with world with over 1,750 stores in 80 countries.

All ALDO stores are modern and fresh in design, aiming to create a fun and upbeat space for the ALDO customer. Product is always on-trend and fashion forward, taking inspiration from around the world. A brand that is both aspirational and accessible, ALDO caters to all customers, consistently offering key fashion pieces at affordable prices, while paying close attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.

More than just a name, ALDO has positioned itself as a lifestyle brand. Although continuing to grow at a rapid pace, the brand remains focused on its vision of excellence: to make people feel good through the products and service provided every day. It also remains true to the basic principles on which its founder, Mr. Aldo Bensadoun, built the company: love, integrity and respect.